Pandemonium and Requiem Review

Since I just flew through both of these books within 24 hours I’m reviewing them together to save time. This review will have spoilers ahead so for brief staring of the books, I’d give Pandemonium 4.5 out of 5 and Requiem 4 out of 5. The final ending leaves a lot of questions unanswered which I wasn’t happy about, but overall it is a great story with amazing growth from Lena and you finally get to see the rebellion in action!


I loved both of these books just as much as the first well kind of I have some problems I’ll get into later (Julian…the terrible final ending…ya know stuff)

Lena grows so much in the second book into a kick ass heroine, everyone disliked her in the first but I think her reactions were normal. You would be scared too of rotting in a hole the rest of your life. The girl risks her life for others multiple times through out each of the books and kicks some scavenger and regulator ass. She even saves Coral for god sake which at the moment I might not of if I had been her, I know I’m a terrible person.

I love finally getting to see the woods and learn how they live all these years. Mad props by the way I could not live in the wilds even for love=p The back and forth was nice but sometimes I wanted to skip ahead to see what was happening but I’m a terrible peeker in books xD

Now can I just say I don’t hate Julian, but I do. The kid is not Alex ok! I saw the damn love triangle coming, but how I wished she would just realize how awkward he was.  I mean aside from never being alex the kid does turn out pretty good and I do hope he finds someone that isn’t Lena, oooo wait we don’t get to really know who she picks >.>


Alex honestly annoyed a bit with his trying to give her up to make her happy instead of fighting for her though. After all the torture you went through and you wont put up a fight for the girl until the end come on man -_-

Also a huge shout out to Hana for her comeback in the third book. It was nice seeing how cured people thought well I mean kind of. I also love that she still helped Lena escape and murdered her husband who really had it coming.

My biggest problem with this book though is the ending of the third book like seriously?! You don’t get to know if the rebellion even wins, if she chooses Alex which she better fucking pick him! You really don’t get much of anything for answers which kinda killed the love for me for a bit not gonna lie, I was very unhappy at the closed the book. I want answers is all 😦



Delirium- Lauren Oliver

I’d like to start off by saying I started this book yesterday around 3pm and had it finished at 11pm. I did lots of adulting that day as you can tell, but what a great way to spend a friday night off. Clearly I loved this book since I could barley but it down.


Its my first dystopian series since hunger games so maybe it helps that I haven’t discovered others. The idea of love being diseased and cured through a surgery is a very new idea. Her little pieces above each chapter added such perfection to the story. The fact that many history problems were because of love which is silly in reality actually made me go well its possible xD

Her writing was awesome, she painted the scenes perfectly I didn’t even had to just kind of guess what was going on.

“The water is an enormous mirror, tipped with and pink and gold from the sky. In that single, blazing moment as I came around the bend, the sun – curved over the dip of the horizon like a solid gold archway – lets out its final winking rays of light, shattering the darkness of the water, turning everything white for a fraction of a second, and then falls away, sinking, dragging the pink and the red and the purple out of the sky with it, all the colour bleeding away instantly and leaving only dark.

Alex was right. It was gorgeous – one of the best I’ve ever seen.”


^one of my favorite parts it was so pretty in my head.

I know some people had problems with Lena being portrayed as “weak”. I really enjoyed Lena and felt she was real. It’s totally normal to be scared against things that are illegal but you suck it up for friends. <*spoiler*>I hope she grows as the books go on and that she maybe even rescues Alex, Hana and Gracie the only others I liked. <*/spoiler*>

Alex is the perfect guy pretty much so far and his ties to the wilds are obviously going to come back up. Hana is actually probably my favorite so far I almost wish I had seen more of her, but I’m guessing she’ll come back in book two from my brief skim this morning.

So overall what an excellent book that had an original story to me anyways. I can’t wait to pick up book two. I’m only waiting because I know I won’t be able to put it down once I start if it’s anything like the first one.

Can I just say though the ending killed me, I knew something major was going to happen, but why why did they have to separate. I knew he would do something amazing for her though, that’s love:p



IMG_20170325_115517_451.jpgToday i’m reviewing Rush by Maya Banks.

This happens to be a trilogy, but where each book focuses one of the three best guys friends. (Which kind of bums me out i’d love some more Gabe/Mia action).

Now my brief star rating: I’d like to give it like a 4/5 just because it wasn’t dying to see what happened next sadly until like 75% of the way through it.

The story focuses on Mia who was raised by her older very protective brother Jace. Mia happens to secretly admire one of his best friends Gabe. (Dun, dun, dun) The forbidden romance plot.

I actually was quite excited for this story as I’ve heard good things about Maya Banks. I did enjoy the story too, but I have some problems.

Gabe is a total alpha male, which I normally love reading, but he’s a really a total ass. The dude makes her sign a contract right away where he owns her which made me hesitant. I was able to get passed the contract with the mini backstory, but he constantly went all harsh on her, not explaining things to her (she never said no so it wasn’t forced but idk repetitive i guess).

than the dude instead of growing a backbone towards his ex wife he lets mia get hurt by another man. I pretty lost some respect for this man at this point.

He does redeem himself though in the end and I found myself wanting more of the good Gabe and Mia. It sadly ended so fast after he finally stopped being stupid.

In the end, it was a book I enjoyed and I’m quite interested in a Jace/Ash attack so I will buying the next book to read.



Fushigi Yuugi Review

Today I’m reviewing Fushigi Yugi by Yuu Watase, an 18 volume manga series.


My short simple review:

This story involves Miaka and Yui, two best friends who get sucked into a book. Pretty much every readers dream, right? Once thrown into the book though, they become enemies and have to gather their own warriors to help return home and fix their lives. Along the way Miaka grows with her warriors and learns love. It’s truly an adventure for all! I loved this story, it was the perfect balance of action, romance, and comedy.


My longer mostly likely containing some spoilers review including all my favorites from my bullet journal!:

This happened to be one of those stories where when I had to do things like adulting (ugh who needs to pay bills and feed kids >.< ) that whenever I let myself start daydreaming the story was there. Replaying my favorite parts, wondering what was going to happen next. Even now after finishing it this morning while driving I was wishing Taka’s and Miakas story wasn’t done. Yuu Watase did a great job creating each character and story. I feel like creating seven different warriors on top of Miaka plus Yui and her warriors would of been a difficult task to have them all such unique traits that all combine perfectly, but she managed it just fine 🙂 Now I’m not a huge fan of reviewing by breaking down all the major plot events because who wants to read it than? I do want to share some of my favorite things though from my bullet journal below.


Favorite Character~ Ugh, it’s so hard to chose xD I have to say that tamahome and hotohori have my heart though. Tamahome is pretty much the perfect guy, but I mean that scene where hotohori fights tamahome almost to the death for his love of Miaka swoon. Nuriko is also quite high on the list though, he was such a beautiful woman=p

Least Favorite Character~ This is a huge toughie just because even the bad guys are needed right, but I disliked Yui the most. (I know that’s probably not what other readers of fushigi yugi say). The girl was just annoying to me the most though for some reason like that weird crying scene right near the end of the series. Though Miakas constant running away after promising not too, did make me want to slap the girl sometimes.

Favorite Quote~ I actually loved a lot of the lines from this manga and I wanted to read them so much it was hard to stop and write down my favorites. They were usually 99% of the time during intense scenes. My favorite though, taka delivers perfectly at the end. “Don’t ever forget that with each step a person is able to take on their own they have become that much stronger.”

Favorite book of the series~ Volume 14, it has the mini finale where we all think everything is going to be perfect and miaka and tamahome are finally able to love in peace. ha! jk we get to keep them for another four books before ending=p


Mario Birthday Party

This weekend was my daughters 5th birthday (seriously having to hold in the tears when i think about it!). She loves mario, so much and even though power rangers came in a close second she decided on a mario party. Now mario isn’t exactly the popular birthday theme currently so I had to do some research. This means I went onto pinterest (seriously my favorite place ever!)

Pinterest had lots of neat ideas for inspiration not that I doubted it =p. I decided though since it was a party of littles that the attention span probably would be best limited to a few easy games. The first being Pin the Star for mario, which I actually ordered off amazon. My only problem with it only had 8 stars, but I had some yellow board paper from her pinata so i just cut one out and traced it. They almost all hit the center so either I had a bunch of cheaters or we didn’t spin them enough xD


My next inspiration was her pinata. Pinterest had a few links where you could purchase these from overseas I believe it was? Well being the last minute shopper that I am, I didn’t have time nor did I want to pay the price for kids to beat it up within a minute. So I saw a pin where someone had made one themselves and went with the idea. Her link below with the instructions I think my only real tweak was I used yellow board paper from the dollar tree as it was cheaper and just taped the construction paper onto the box in like 4 or 5 layers.


Now my third one (Stomp the Goombas) I saw a few pins but never actually saw one with instructions. It was always a link to purchase them but were out of stock (seriously guys it was a easy one don’t do it). I just looked at a picture and winged it. You’ll need paper plates, balloons, and either can print off the goombas faces like I did or draw them on if you have art skills which I do not. All I did was cut the paper plate in half taped them back together at an angle creating “feet”, blew up the balloon but definitely don’t be afraid to make them big! Mine were so hard to pop seriously most of the kids could lay on them without popping xD than I taped/glued on the faces.


Now below are some of the decorations which is all easily found on pinterest or amazon for your viewing pleasures. I don’t think they need descriptions. My husband did do a great job on the ghosts in our hallway but I didn’t get a good picture because I suck. Also completely missed pictures of hanging decorations also on amazon pretty standard stuff:p



Wishful Drinking

This book was such a quick read! It also happened to be my first ever celebrity read, I’ve always just kinda avoided them in the past for some reason. I loved Carrie Fisher though and picked this one up and let me tell you all her other books are going in my thrift books shopping cart. (Remind me to make a post about that amazing website).

Anyways this was one of her last books she wrote and it touches on her shock therapy like whoa props mama! Her drug and alcohol problems and her life all together, but it was so real and not heavily depressing as she talked about. This woman was so strong i sometimes don’t think she realized how strong, but man the world lost an amazing woman when she passed away. So please go get this book it literally didn’t even take me three hours to finish it, but I’m a fast reader 😉



Caraval Review!


This book right here…OMG seriously phenomenal, my new current favorite! This adventure you will take on this book from the start grips you so hard. There is not a moment I was bored in this book, at all! Scarlett is the strong loving older sister that everyone raves for, Tella the whimsical younger troublemaker , and Julian the strong sailor who strangely knows more than an typical sailor. Together Legend crafts the perfect show for these three after all he’s the greatest magician alive.


Beware! Spoilers!


It was a nonstop magical adventure. The moment scarlett arrives on the isle for the caraval I wanted to be right beside her. Scarlett has to win the game to save her sister, but it doesn’t feel like a competition between the other players. Actually, besides Dante you don’t really even notice the other besides briefly at the beginning. It was more of a tale of Scarlett learning to take risks and break away from her old mind warped by her fathers control.

Julian…o Julian her partner for the game and I’d say savior but I think Scarlett saved him more=p I jumped for joy when they finally stop ignoring their feelings for each other. I’m a romantic so I was just like come on already! Julian wasn’t even supposed to stay with Scarlett which shows even if he does some shady stuff, I wondered for a minute if I was going to have to hate him that he cared for her.

The twist at the end too, was not what I was expecting. I had a few theories, but was pleasantly surprised to know Tella had it all planned for the most part. She put her own life on the line to escape her father. Can i say though how disappointed I was that that dreadful man didn’t die. Seriously I was about to freak out if Tella hadn’t survived but he did.


Escort Me Snippet

I’m currently writing a romance book at the moment to be called Escort Me. Its a story about Sasha Young who covered her sister as an escort for a night and met Damien Scott. What she thought would be one boring easy night turned into her journey of helping Damien learn what’s important in life. Except there is something hiding in his past is waiting for a moment to ruin everything including Sasha. Will he be able to save everything and her in time?

Here’s a tiny preview i’ll hopefully have a bigger preview to share soon for everyone’s feedback:)



“Can you excuse me please, I need to use the ladies room,” I placed my napkin on the table as Damien stared me down. John stood, helping me out of my seat, continuing his gentleman gestures, “Thank you.”

“Where did i put that…” I jumped as I felt someone touch my elbow. Damien looked furious as he pulled me around the corner pushing me into the corner.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he growled.  

“It’s really none of your business and you have no right to lay a hand on me,” I pulled away from him.

“Jesus Christ..” he rubbed his hand through his hair taking a deep breath, “Must you always be so stubborn.”

I crossed my arms annoyed at whatever he was doing. He hadn’t spoke but a few words to me all night, but would hardly look away. “Yes.”

“You know I don’t want you around him and yet here you are escorting him and letting him treat you like..”

“Like what,” I interrupted him growing upset. He can hate John all he wants, but insulting him for being kind out of jealously and insulting me wasn’t going to happen.   

“Like you mean something to him!”

“You don’t have a say in this anymore, you weren’t there for me…”


Seven Years to Sin

This book doesn’t really fall under my reading challenge, but I happened to be reading it when I decided to start the challenge. This novel is by Sylvia Day who is known for the crossfire series. I actually read those books first and while looking for a new book stumbled upon this one of hers.


My first concern was it’s setting. Its under an historical setting which isn’t bad by it took me a bit to get used to it. Eventually I hardly noticed that it was different as I was wrapped into the story.

*I’m giving a warning that I may let spoilers spill…*

The story mostly revolves around Jessica and Alistair. Jessica had recently became a widow to a very well off man. To help herself become something more than a widow she sets off to a plantation that her husband had left her. To her surprise, the captain is Alistair the man she had seen seven years prior having sexual relationships with another woman.

“You and I have always been inevitable. And I am not a man to take pieces of a whole. I must have everything. The good as well as the bad.” -Alistair Caulfield

Sylvia takes you on a surprising journey of not only making a hot romance between these two, but creating a deep story. You find out the dark past of Alistair and almost pity him for a moment before he shows such a strong growth you can’t help but want to high five his accomplishments.

You also receive a mini story about Jessica’s sister (Hester) and her abusive marriage. Hester finds herself carrying her husbands child after many attempts to keep conception from happening. While trying to figure out how to proceed in life, she becomes closer to a former crush who is deeply in love with her. I found their story line at the beginning a little distracting honestly. I wanted so much to hurry along to get back to Jessica and Alistair, but as they intertwined more I found myself unhappy with the quick ending.

I enjoyed the book, but I felt the ending happened soooo quickly. Other events had been so thoroughly explored, but than the ending within twenty pages had so much happen. It felt so rushed to me. I wish she had extended the end some to give us better closure of the characters. That being said, this book inspired her for others so maybe she felt the same way afterwards and tried making up for it 😉 In the end, its a book worth reading if you want some romance with a great story line. Below is a link to her page 🙂

Keep on reading my friends!


My challenge

So as I touched base on in my first post I’m doing a reading challenge. I figured I would share with everyone below my actual printout from the lovely pinterest. Seriously best site ever! I have started on a notebook some suggestions for this challenge, but many of these categories are books i’m going to have my librarian where to find. With that being said if anyone has any suggestions for any of these, I’d love to hear them!

Keep reading my friends!