Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag

It’s somehow that time of year again! It’s june and that means it’s time to freak out about our reading challenges that we are all either rocking or like me a tad behind, but it’s totally fine xD

What is the best book that you’ve read so far in 2020?

This is so hard because I’ve read so many good books this year, but as i’m continuing to pick others for down below…I’m picking Empire of Gold. This finale was everything I wanted and this series is such a beautiful written adventure! I highly recommend it to absolutely everyone!!

What has been your favourite sequel of the first half of the year?

This one was super easy to pick! Aurora burning, i’ve already read this twice thanks to scoring an arc and listening to it because I adore the audiobooks of this series!

Candle By Wick and Jane

Is there a new release that you haven’t read yet but you’re really excited for?

I have such amazing reviews of this book and I absolutely love Jennifer! She’s such a sweet person and writing is fabulous so hopefully soon i’ll get some time to sit down and read it!

What is your most anticipated release for the second half of the year?

BLOOD & HONEY!!! Hands down I needed this book in my life like yesterday and I know shelby is going to blow me away!

Art Print from A touch of Magic Designs

What is your biggest disappointment so far?

I didn’t really have any huge disappointments, but Hostile Territory was a struggle for me. It was a very different genre for me, being a survivalist teenage adventure that turns into saving the town.

What is your biggest surprise so far?

I love a good romance, but oh my god this romance surprised me so much! It was about a group of guys helping their friend save his marriage by reading romance books and it was just utterly perfect, I loved it!

Mug from Enchanted Fandoms

Who is your favourite new to you, or debut, author?

I finally caved and tried the mistborn books by brandon sanderson and idk why i waited so long! I’m completely hooked and have started my collection of them

tumblr by Bellus Oddities

Who is your favourite fictional crush from this year?

Jase is a newer addition to my book boyfriend collection! Mary Pearson just knows how to write swoon worthy characters what can i say.

Book Sign by Bookish Signs

What are 6 books that you want to read by the end of the year?

I have so many books I want to get to, but these are just a few I picked for June! I want to get through my arc collection and hopefully maybe some others xD

candle by wick and jane

I hope you are all doing well! Feel free to do this tag and have fun!

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