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Hello friends! We all know the struggles we face as readers esp the never ending tbr list, but why not make it into a fun tag to help us have a good laugh! I knew when I saw this one I had to give it a try!

You have 20,000 books in your TBR, how in the world do you decide what to read next?

I’m 100% a mood reader, but ever since getting into the ARC world I do attempt to stick by a semi tbr ish pile monthly, but well its safe to say I haven’t had a month yet where I crossed off each book xD

You’re halfway through a book and you’re just not loving it. Do you put it down or are you committed?

This one definitely depends on why I’m not loving it. If its a pleasure read I’ll probably switch it up or keep going depending on the size as I read pretty fast. Now for ARC’s I do try to finish no matter what.

The end of the year is coming and you’re behind on your reading challenge, do you try to catch up? And if so, how?

Well last year I actually had to bump mine up, but I fell hella behind this month so yeah we shall see what I do lol

The covers of a series you love do not match, how do you cope?

I mean it’ll drive me crazy and I will most definitely hate taking photos of them together on my booksta but its not the authors fault and I’m a sucker so I’ll buy them anyways!

Everyone and their mother loves a book that you do not. Who do you bond with over your shared feelings?

Definitely my booksta bestie Kat! We not only usually agree on books, but gets that everyone has different opinions

You’re reading a book in public and you’re about to start crying. How do you deal?

I mean I’ll own my feelings pretty up front most people that know me know I’m a book nerd, but besides home my usual reading spot is listening to audiobooks in the car so no one to judge me there.

The sequel to a book you loved just came out but you’ve forgotten a lot of what happens. Are you going to reread it?

This completely depends on how long its been, do I have time? If i loved it chances are I didn’t forget the plot line though honestly because those are frequently talked about or reread

You do not want anyone to borrow your books, how do you politely say no when someone asks?

I have my select list of people I will send books to and if you aren’t on that list chances are you are touching my books because they are my precious.

You have picked up and put down 5 books in the last month. How do you get over this reading slump?

My answer to a reading slump is always always a fun reread or mangas because they are such fast reads, but so enjoyable to me!

There are so many books coming out that you are dying to read, how many do you end up buying?

UMMM all of them xD okay okay in my defense its sometimes through things like scribd, but yeah my wallet basically hates me.

After you purchase all of these books that you’re dying to read how long do they sit on your shelves before you get to them?

I did not ask to be called out this, okay?! This is so random sometimes its bam Im going to stay up all night and read this other times it’s still sitting on my shelf unread (sorry shadowhunter books) There is no organization to my reading brain yall.

I’m leaving this open to anyone who wants to do this fun tag especially if you enjoy calling yourself out like me xD

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