Hufflepuff Book Tag!

So when I saw this fun Hufflepuff themed book tag, I knew I had to save it and give it a try! I am a puff through and through and have many puff friends so why not play a fun game and discuss books?! Feel free to do this tag anyone even my non puff house members!

Harry Potter: Which Harry Potter Book is your favorite?

Mine is definitely prisoner of azkaban because we get to meet my favorite character of the books…SIRIUS! That man deserved the world and I will never forgive Jk Rowling for not giving it to him.

Loyalty: Hufflepuffs are known for their undying loyalty. Name an insta-buy author.

I have a few actually to no ones surprise xD Mine are definitely Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman, Sabaa Tahir, Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J Maas. I buy it all and have zero regrets to this day!

Animals/Magical Creatures: As Hufflepuffs, we tend to have a great love for animals. Name a book/series that has your favorite animal/magical creature in it.

Okay so I’m picking Jay Kristoff’s first trilogy. The Lotus Wars (book one is stormdancer) these books do not get the attention they deserve and buruu is hands down my favorite animal written in a book to this day! TO THIS DAY PEOPLE, pick these damn books up.

Trustworthy: We Hufflepuffs are very trustworthy, however books can also be very trustworthy. Name a series in which none of the books disappointed you.

Hmm this one is tricky I would say the remnant chronicles because even the spin off duology was absolutely fantastic and I adored them all! Mary Pearson is a word goddess yall and super sweet.

Caring: Us Hufflepuffs care a lot for others, even fictional characters. Name a book/series whose main character holds a special place in your heart.

This one is simple to me, I’m going with feyre and rhysand! ACOTAR was the first book I picked up thanks to bookstagram and got me back into my love of reading I stepped away from when I became a mother and I’m thankful to this day for that plus I love them!

Kindness: Huflepuffs always strive to be kinds to others, no matter who they are. Name a book/series that you love despite its flaws and imperfections.

This one is difficult yall I went onto my goodreads for this because I couldn’t think of any xD Maybe I’m not critical enough. I’m picking Lord of the Fading Lands such an epic fantasy romance series that a few spots I was like there has got to be a easier way I suppose

Patience: Hufflepuffs tend to be very patient, and that’s a useful trait when reading slow paced books. Name a book you struggled to get through, but stuck it out till the end

Oh this one is easy! Gideon the Ninth but in my defense I had an earc that had horrible formatting and the characters names are so close I kept getting so confused! I think i’d maybe enjoy as an audiobook, but it took until 75% through that I was finally interested and only stuck with it so I could fairly review it

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