Anticipated Releases/Reads of March!


Hello Friends!

I can’t believe we are already in March, this year as been going by so frickin fast! March has some many epic releases coming out including huge titles and underrated secret gems. I have big plans this month and we shall see how many I get to, but for now I’m going to share some gems I think should be on your tbr!

Upcoming Releases~~

I’m skipping the huge titles aka sarahs and cassies because who doesn’t know of them being released!



Releases March 3rd, 2020




The Winter Duke~ this was a really fast paced fantasy book that had great f/f relationships, searching out the enemy within court and a unique magical world. The cover is absolutely gorgeous, definitely give this one a chance! Full Review can be found here: review




Releases March 3rd, 2020



We are Blood and Thunder~ So I’m currently reading this because I lost in within my arc pile for a hot minute and forgot about it xD So far it’s excellent and I love the premise around this world, very fantasy magical dystopian feel! It was one of those covers I like UK more though like why do they get the pretties!




Releases March 3rd, 2020


Only Mostly Devastated~ This book was so frickin adorable you guys! It’s being advertised as Simon Vs the homo meets clueless meets boy on boy grease and let you tell you it did not mislead with this tagline! Ollie is a cinnamon roll I will forever want to cuddle close. It had such a good dynamic and shows the stress of coming out when not ready or even ready does to teenagers. If you want a fun, but sometimes serious ya contemporary definitely pick this one up! My full review for this will be up shortly!



Besides these epic new releases I’m squeezing in a Wicked Saints reread with my friends on booksta! I’m also going to relisten to city of brass which is such an underrated fantasy trilogy in prep for the final book Empire of Gold. I’m also approaching my final hours of the mistborn era 1 trilogy and things are intense yall I highly recommend this trilogy! After that we shall see what else I squeeze in, what is your anticipated release or read this month?

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