Friday Favorites!

Hello friends!

Today is another fun prompt day brought to you by Something of the Book where she provides the weekly prompts and you answer the questions and can share them on her page! This week is all about favorite fictional worlds and let me tell you I have sooo many, but for the sake for all our sanity I’ll pick just my top favorites.

Strange the Dreamer~

No surprise here this world was so beautifully written and magical.



Obviously I had to pick my favorite fae books plus it holds the city of velaris. I mean what else do I really need to say?52876891_382923629229580_7214392251360409600_n


These books not only get better each novel, but the world is so magical and fun! I would glady play and lose caraval.


The grishaverse~

I mean mostly because I really love nikolai and the darkling…no shame and who wouldn’t want amazing powers! I’d die to be a heartrender really or near the darkling. yes I know hes evil, no I don’t care xD53669250_339050673384986_8191529512611019946_n

That’s it for my top favorite fictional worlds for this week! Let me know down below if we share any favorites or tell me yours!!

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