Cheat Codes Review

Seriously I am so behind on my reviews so I’m starting out with an easy, quick to love review of Cheat codes by Emily Goodwin. I received this book as part of a book tour on my instagram where she sent a free ebook to help promote it!


This was my first book by Emily Goodwin and I’m so glad I was picked for her tour and introduced to her because I fell in love with Archer and Quinn quickly. The novel starts out with Quinn whose had a crush on her older brothers best friend for years, but no one makes a move because they don’t want to ruin their family/friendship relationship. So here we have tension filled build up of the two trying to resist each other.

She’s someone I could fall in love with. And I think I already have.

Quinns character was so loveable and a very believable nerd as ya know from experince I totally understood her and loved every minute of her character! Than we have hot doctor Archer who can resist a doctor I mean its like Mcdreamy all over again.


I just love the chemistry between the two and their family as well. I was hooked and into these two right away and rooting for them so so much! Goodwin doesn’t just write the smutty scenes good, she writes their relationships good. You get a real plot and man she leaves you with the biggest cliffhanger ever!! I didn’t see it coming at all and honestly thought the book was a standalone, but I’m so excited to see more of Quinn and Archer.

I highly recommend if you enjoy a good romance book to pick this one up because it was amazing! I seriously read it in one sitting which maybe of lead me staying up until 2 am but regrets really.


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