Beyond a Darkened Shore Review

Oh my gosh guys! as some of you may know I love everything mythology so I was so excited when I learned that this book was coming in one of my bookish boxes. Even bigger bonus points was this novel focused on celtic and norse mythology that I dont see enough of or maybe i’m living under the rock aka give me suggestions if you know any!

Anyways enough babbling…onto my review of Beyond a Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake. The story revolving around Ciara a princess of Mide who was raised as a warrior with special abilites who is forced by Morrigan to work with her enemy Leif a northman in order to save her land and sisters.

“In all the world, there are only two strong enough. One born for it, the other through great sacrifice.” 

Quick Star Rating: 5 stars

This fricking book right here was utter perfection. I loved the storyline and the mythology was spot on. It was so amazing to see some of my favorite celtic goddess’s brought to life. The mesh of the two mythology was so well done plus she painted the lands and character perfectly in my mind.

The plot moved so well for a standalone book not too fast or slow. I loved Ciara and Leif so much! She was such an amazing strong main character with a interesting twist on her powers. Leif was perfection as well, his sass and fierce protection over Ciara and his brother just made me love him so much more.

“Leif was a Northman, an outsider, but he accepted me more than any of my own clan ever had.” 

This book was something I didn’t realize how much I would love and need until I finished it. Im reeling for more Ciara and Leif in my life and hope even as a standalone to maybe see some more amazing work by Jessica or them, I wouldn’t complain xD. So seriously do yourself a favor and pick up this beauty you will not be disappointed.

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The Cruel Prince Review

Well folks this was very first book by Holly Black and I totally understand why they call her the “Queen of the Faeries”. This book was such an breath taking adventure into faerie.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when picking up this book that I had heard so much buzz about on my bookstagram. I get nervous sometimes picking up super hyped books because I think it makes it harder to live up to aka ACOFAS.

This book on the other hand nailed it pretty spot on. The opening scene had me going reeling like what just happened?! It did have a little bit of a slower start after that initial crazyness, but her world building and bickering between the sisters keep me alive and wondering what each was hiding and planning. I felt the hate of the faerie so much within me as I read Jude’s story and wished I could shove them all off a cliff. I feel like we don’t get enough books where faerie are wicked in such a interesting way. The plot twists Holly weaved in at the ending were even more amazing than the beginning and I’m seriously dying to see what happens next in this faerie world!

“If you hurt me, I wouldn’t cry. I would hurt you back.”

I adored Jude so much, she was such an interesting main character that seriously kept surprising me. Plus her sass and willingness to annoy and fight the faerie as a mortal just wins my heart over. She is simply brilliant and cunning.

“He’s flint, you’re tinder.” 

I do believe I’m on the lower side of opinions of I don’t love Cardan yet. I honestly absoluetly hated him for almost the whole book. I get his background and reasoning for the cruel faerie attitude towards Jude who isn’t faerie in faerie world and being treated equal. I felt though the line of abuse was crossed for me a couple times where I just can’t love him yet, but hes not in the asshole hate category anymore though.


I will definitely be picking up some more of her work while I try to not so patiently wait for the next installment of this series.

Snow by Mikayla Elliot Review

Hello friends!

I get to finally sit down and write a review on a book I grabbed on my Net Galley account called Snow by Mikayla Elliot!


This was definitely at first a total cover grab as I was scrolling, but than I read the synposis and my interest was peaked! So I’m a sucker still to this day for vampires, its such a guilty pleasure for me. Since this isn’t as popular as some of the others books ive reviewed im going to include the synopsis for ya to look at:)


Taken from all she has ever known and loved, Neva finds herself swept into a world of vampires where she learns she will determine their future. Yet she quickly discovers she is the target of a vampire, Zachariah, seeking to stop her from altering the vampire lineage. She must decide which path she will take while trying to protect the family she left behind, and discovering a past she cannot escape.


Star Rating~ 4 stars

This story was interesting new story about vampires with what is seeming to be a interesting refreshing new back story for the vampires creation. Neva was a likeable main character and I loved Thedryk. It included great plot twists and the villian in this story is more of a morally grey villain which I just look to see done and can’t wait to see how it plays out for the characters!

My biggest issue for this book was the beginning, it was kinda bouncing back and forth for a bit (present/past mixing) without giving good hints of it. It confused me quite a bit for awhile and made me nervous that I wasn’t going to enjoy the book, but as you move forward in the story her writing grew and it flowed so nicely.

I will definitely be following the series and the authors growth and highly recommend checking it out if you love vampires or a great fantasy!


Daughter of the Pirate King Review

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

I finished this book about a week ago and finally have the proper time to sit down and review this book! Side note before I get the show a going I did get to meet tricia Levenseller in person on tuesday during the Fierce Reads book tour. It was a total blast and she and the rest of the authors on tour were awesome though she was probably the highlight for me, shes hilarious.

Anyways onto the review that I will attempt to keep as spoiler free as possible with plenty of warning if I must let one slip!

Quick Rating: 4.5 stars


So this story revolves around Alosa a female pirate which that alone made me so excited because we simply dont get enough pirate stories especially with female leads! Alosa isn’t an average pirate though shes also the daughter of the pirate king who rules the seas and partially the land as a result so shes been raised to be the best.

This causes her to be sent on a mission to be captured falsely on an enemy ship to capture a missing part of her fathers map to an land with an untelling amount of money that is surprise guarded by sirens but we will get to that later 😉


Most of the book revolves around her capture and breaking free nightly to be caught by the first mate, Riden who is also completely attractive. They add the perfect cat and mouse game into the story while also keeping the main plot moving forward. I really liked Riden because he was different. he was loyal to his crazy brother which I wouldn’t of been able to so big props. He also was a clean freak which clean and pirate don’t normally mix so that added a fun scene to the book.


The endly was truly my favorite, we see alosa truly challenged, meet her almost all female crew (yesssss)!, her siren part which i’m not considering a huge spoiler as the second book has it in the title. The plot doesnt go where it’s expected and truly left me so excited for the second book!

“I am me because I choose to be me. I am what I want. Some people say you have to find yourself. Not I. I believe we create ourselves to be what we want.” – ALOSA

So overall this was a easy read, not a super heavy read so if you are wanting an intense adult pirate theme this is not it! If you are wanting a fun, but still badass female pirate story that has it all than pick this up. It’s worth it I promise!


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ACOFAS…or A Court Of Flop and Slump?

Hello Everyone!

So this is clearly my review over ACOFAS by Sarah J Maas…who to clarify I totally adore and love, but this novella was not the 5 star read I was expecting! So sit down, buckle up and read about my mini review rant that will be spoiler free.


Quick Star Rating: 3.5 stars almost 4…like super close but only because of the bonus story for the next book at the end


Okay lets start off with maybe it was the long wait…the hype…the fact that it probably was hard to write a bridge between a spin off series when ACOWAR left us pretty happy I mean I was happy with the ending. I was seriously stalking my mail lady waiting for this book to arrive had to wait one day to really start it thanks to finals -_-

So here is me finally sitting down for what I expect to be awesome:


Except than I start reading it and its boring…its slow I seriously easily put it down to do other things and found myself not excited to finish this book! like what it going on right now??!!

Ya know what I think the problem was…the first half that was seriously the worst part for me to get through…too much smut or talk of wanting smut, though we do finally get the famous wall scene as promised. I will happily admit I like smut, but I need a story, a plot and this wasn’t getting too it. It danced around hints instead of giving more.

My other issue…characters taking steps backward! I know war is hard, but certain characters were driving me insane, I know it’s for the character growth but come on we get it…it was so repetitive you’ll understand when you read it.


Thankfully 3/4 or so maybe more honestly since the bonus story was seriously my favorite part, things get interesting. Feyre puts her big girl pants on and strikes down her will. We learn more of problems arising and we see poor Tamlin (yes I dont hate him…I want a Tamlin redemption arc pretty badly honestly) I was finally excited to read this book I had been dying for and it did end of a decent cliff hanger as long as you read the bonus story leaving us wanting more and excited for things to come.

So in the end, I will continue with the series because I love the characters and hope it gets interesting plus there are a few things I’m crossing my fingers to see happen like said above plus spoiler related ones… I’ll happily discuss them.

I am just disappointed for such hype, excitement to feel more of a flop or slump in the series if I dare say.