The Deep End of the Sea Review


You know what is amazing about this Greek mythology retelling? ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!! Screenshot 2018-01-14 at 7.42.06 PM

This novel is by Heather Lyons and is all about Medusa who is normally written as the killer of men, completely evil, usually badass which still is in this novel, but anyways im getting away from myself.

In Heather Lyons take, medusa has been wrongfully cursed by Athena after being raped by another god in her temple. >.> Instead of protecting poor medusa she turns her into a monster and curses her away in an island for the rest of her unknowingly ending life. That is until one day Hermes comes into play.


Hermes gets Medusa to speak up and fight back to end her curse. While its all clear to us why the man is doing this Medusa is totally clueless which was slightly adorable but also me wanting to push their heads together. The story doesn’t even end at the plot point as I expected honestly more things and twists happen afterwards that I absolutely loved. Plus lines like below 😀

“When we fall in love, it’s forever love. Even if you decide one day that you do not love me anymore, I will still always feel this way for you.” – Hermes

Also major selling points Hades is in this story as a GOOD GUY. I repeat a good guy! I love Hades and love stories that have him not only hilarious and totally awesome, but not evil.

So seriously stop what you are doing and buy this book!! It was absolutely my first read of the year so far which I know is early, but it is not my first read people! I have a problem I know we don’t need to discuss it. So go follow the link below and buy it


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Glimpse into my 2018

Holy Cow anyone else can’t believe we are already almost done with the first week of January? Well I know I have many plans this year and I can’t promise they will all happen, but I can only hope they do!

One of my biggest goals is to complete nursing school well my 2nd and 3rd semester for this year! Nursing school has challenged me in so many ways that I’ve never had happen before in my life. It also succeeded in making me miserable and quit everything I loved about myself in the first semester which I am not going to let happen again.

Now the really fun goals are my Good reads reading challenge which I set for 20 this year! I didn’t set it as high as I would like because of nursing school. Another part of this goal is I’m hoping that at least once a month I read a book from an indie author. Even if it happens to read up being my only book of the month because as an inspiring author supporting others is so important.


This leads into my final goal for the year…to write more! I get so many ideas and I get really need to stop telling myself that they suck and write it. I will never know until I write it so I need to just do it!

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