Shiver ~ Book Review

6068551 This is my review over shiver, book one of a trilogy (The wolves of Mercy Falls).

Now this trilogy has been on my shelf for awhile and I finally decided after my major bookhangover thanks to A court of Thorn and Roses series, to give it a shot. I pleasantly enjoyed Shiver, but it will likely never be a reread sadly.

Shiver revolves around Grace who when she was little was attacked by a pack of wolves, but magically survived. Now I feel almost every normal person afterwards would be terrified of wolves, but nope this makes Grace obsessed. The wolf that helped save her from being killed now always watches her from a distance and only in the cold months of winter.

This is because Sam the other main character of the story is a werewolf that doesn’t change to the moon, but to the cold. It was a interesting new concept that she made deeper by giving them limited years as a human during the warm months before finally staying a wolf forever.

The journey of the two throughout the book revolves mostly around them lounging around and falling in love. Which I liked do not get me wrong. I’m a sucker for romance, but they had issues they kept ignoring completely. Like it was Sams last year as a human, Jack a fellow peer of Graces that was attacked and is now patronizing the school and her friend Olivia, and Beck (Sams pretty much dad) is walking around changing more people into wolves so the pack is taken care of since Sam isn’t staying a human as long as he should of. Oh also Grace should of turned into a wolf as well by now since she was bitten, but from getting locked in a car until she almost died. She mysteriously never changed, but has heightened abilities.

The serious ending was quick and brutal, taking out two of the characters for a chance at the cure. In the end though, Sam and Grace are happily together still which I liked, but the way it ended complete to me, honestly doesn’t make me want to reach for the second book because I don’t really want to see them torn apart or whatever the author decides.

In the end, I’m giving the book a 3.5/5 stars. I liked the concept, but the characters could of had such a better plot story than the lame teenage budding romance until right at the end.


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