A Court of Thorn and Roses

So I finally picked up this series to read from where I constantly see it on my Instagram feed and I am so happy I did. This book was awesome.


This was my face throughout the book especially the last little part of the book.

So the book is a beauty and the beast inspired retelling, and happens to be my only book I’ve read that is a retelling so maybe it’s why I ate it up, but I also think it’s because feyre and rhys are badass. Sorry Tam I want to love you sooo much but rhys is winning my first ship for feyre.

I really enjoyed that while it totally has the feel of the retelling it is also a original idea in my eyes. Feyre gets whisked away by Tamlin who doesn’t automatically try to woo her. Also Lucien is the best side witty character, I love witty characters. I wouldn’t mind a little more Lucien background.

Feyre goes out of her way to help Tamlin and his court break the curse that they are under even though he tries telling her there is nothing she can do. Well besides the obvious fall in love with him and tell him that but she doesn’t because that wouldn’t be much of a story would it.

So we do go through a good two thirds of the book her trying to risk her life to help them and not listen because she doesn’t do that well. Lucien makes this very interesting for us though by giving her all the terrible ideas that are secretly helpful. Finally Tam and Feyre are clearly in love with each other when enters the bad queen. So tam sends her away to keep his beloved safe even though feyre wont say the words out loud.

Now feyre is back at her dreaded home where I can stand her sisters or father while who knows what is happening to poor tam. So she grows that huntress back bone and sets off to save him from the evil queen.

Her growth throughout the trials was absolutely amazing, but the best part Rhys is finally in the story!


He clearly isn’t a terrible guy I can see through that badass act and I like it. How he makes out with her in the hall to save her and tam. The man deserves to win some feyre heart, but alas he is there only to save feyres life so she can save everyone.

I loved this retelling and im half way through book two so I already know how things are panning out and I’m loving it so far. This book deserves the spotlight it is getting and more, in my opinion. Go out and buy this book seriously you will not regret it unless you are lame.




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