Switch- Megan Hart


So the back of this book had me so interested in reading it. I was super excited for an idea that I had never seen before…well it was pretty lame. I struggled to finish this book not super bad, but little motivation to pick it up and read.

It’s going to be a short, simple review. I didn’t like the book which is so rare for me. It just didn’t have any depth it was like the same thing for almost all the book than she changes her mind at the last second. You learn very little about her divorce, you get this build up of a relationship with Eric. Who seemed like a really nice guy, but in the end who knows what happens to the poor guy. You get the odd end twist of  her mom being sick which is the last push into her realizing she loved Austin and they just needed to work on their differences. Well yeah…young marriages take work.


I don’t know I just wasn’t a fan which is a total bummer because I was so interested in a female dom. bdsm story which you hardly get a feel for. Overall I don’t think I’d recommend the book to a friend since I have plenty of omg read this book sitting on my shelf


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