Knight of the hunted Review

This book was sooo good! I love vampires and lycans, but clearly these days its harder to find different ideas revolving these. Elizabeth Dunlap, author of this book, nailed making a new idea that was actually interesting!


The story revolves around lisbeth who is an old vampire living her life at a order. Everything is fine and dandy until she spares the life of a lycan child which is a big no no in their rule book. Well this causes her some trouble as in the hunters want to come and probably kill her so she goes on the run. I can’t believe in the vampire world they are still this unreasonable =p

Along her way, she meets Knight who helps her escape capture one night when weakened from lack of blood. After some bantering, they decide to travel together until Knight accidentally almost kills her, their a complicated pair.

While attempting to find blood, Lisbeth runs into a town ruled by a Vampire, James. I could not stand James! He was a typical, I’m the strongest vampire so you must obey me at all times >.> I really hope Knight bites his head off in some point in the future, just saying xD


I loved Lisbeth, she is a strong character from the beginning, but her growth is amazing to watch. She is also so real, I loved all the little jokes and humor along the way especially when her powers grow. It keeps the story interesting.

Knight is my favorite though, he helps Lisbeth so much along the way. Also his love of tacos and food in general hits my food loving soul. I can’t wait to see what the duo do next and I hope they find their way to peace in the end.

This book and author deserve your attention! This does happen to be her first published work I believe=p I can’t wait for more amazing books down the line from her.


You can find this novel for purchase at Amazon:



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