Pandemonium and Requiem Review

Since I just flew through both of these books within 24 hours I’m reviewing them together to save time. This review will have spoilers ahead so for brief staring of the books, I’d give Pandemonium 4.5 out of 5 and Requiem 4 out of 5. The final ending leaves a lot of questions unanswered which I wasn’t happy about, but overall it is a great story with amazing growth from Lena and you finally get to see the rebellion in action!


I loved both of these books just as much as the first well kind of I have some problems I’ll get into later (Julian…the terrible final ending…ya know stuff)

Lena grows so much in the second book into a kick ass heroine, everyone disliked her in the first but I think her reactions were normal. You would be scared too of rotting in a hole the rest of your life. The girl risks her life for others multiple times through out each of the books and kicks some scavenger and regulator ass. She even saves Coral for god sake which at the moment I might not of if I had been her, I know I’m a terrible person.

I love finally getting to see the woods and learn how they live all these years. Mad props by the way I could not live in the wilds even for love=p The back and forth was nice but sometimes I wanted to skip ahead to see what was happening but I’m a terrible peeker in books xD

Now can I just say I don’t hate Julian, but I do. The kid is not Alex ok! I saw the damn love triangle coming, but how I wished she would just realize how awkward he was.  I mean aside from never being alex the kid does turn out pretty good and I do hope he finds someone that isn’t Lena, oooo wait we don’t get to really know who she picks >.>


Alex honestly annoyed a bit with his trying to give her up to make her happy instead of fighting for her though. After all the torture you went through and you wont put up a fight for the girl until the end come on man -_-

Also a huge shout out to Hana for her comeback in the third book. It was nice seeing how cured people thought well I mean kind of. I also love that she still helped Lena escape and murdered her husband who really had it coming.

My biggest problem with this book though is the ending of the third book like seriously?! You don’t get to know if the rebellion even wins, if she chooses Alex which she better fucking pick him! You really don’t get much of anything for answers which kinda killed the love for me for a bit not gonna lie, I was very unhappy at the closed the book. I want answers is all 😦



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