Switch- Megan Hart


So the back of this book had me so interested in reading it. I was super excited for an idea that I had never seen before…well it was pretty lame. I struggled to finish this book not super bad, but little motivation to pick it up and read.

It’s going to be a short, simple review. I didn’t like the book which is so rare for me. It just didn’t have any depth it was like the same thing for almost all the book than she changes her mind at the last second. You learn very little about her divorce, you get this build up of a relationship with Eric. Who seemed like a really nice guy, but in the end who knows what happens to the poor guy. You get the odd end twist of  her mom being sick which is the last push into her realizing she loved Austin and they just needed to work on their differences. Well yeah…young marriages take work.


I don’t know I just wasn’t a fan which is a total bummer because I was so interested in a female dom. bdsm story which you hardly get a feel for. Overall I don’t think I’d recommend the book to a friend since I have plenty of omg read this book sitting on my shelf


Knight of the hunted Review

This book was sooo good! I love vampires and lycans, but clearly these days its harder to find different ideas revolving these. Elizabeth Dunlap, author of this book, nailed making a new idea that was actually interesting!


The story revolves around lisbeth who is an old vampire living her life at a order. Everything is fine and dandy until she spares the life of a lycan child which is a big no no in their rule book. Well this causes her some trouble as in the hunters want to come and probably kill her so she goes on the run. I can’t believe in the vampire world they are still this unreasonable =p

Along her way, she meets Knight who helps her escape capture one night when weakened from lack of blood. After some bantering, they decide to travel together until Knight accidentally almost kills her, their a complicated pair.

While attempting to find blood, Lisbeth runs into a town ruled by a Vampire, James. I could not stand James! He was a typical, I’m the strongest vampire so you must obey me at all times >.> I really hope Knight bites his head off in some point in the future, just saying xD


I loved Lisbeth, she is a strong character from the beginning, but her growth is amazing to watch. She is also so real, I loved all the little jokes and humor along the way especially when her powers grow. It keeps the story interesting.

Knight is my favorite though, he helps Lisbeth so much along the way. Also his love of tacos and food in general hits my food loving soul. I can’t wait to see what the duo do next and I hope they find their way to peace in the end.

This book and author deserve your attention! This does happen to be her first published work I believe=p I can’t wait for more amazing books down the line from her.


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Pandemonium and Requiem Review

Since I just flew through both of these books within 24 hours I’m reviewing them together to save time. This review will have spoilers ahead so for brief staring of the books, I’d give Pandemonium 4.5 out of 5 and Requiem 4 out of 5. The final ending leaves a lot of questions unanswered which I wasn’t happy about, but overall it is a great story with amazing growth from Lena and you finally get to see the rebellion in action!


I loved both of these books just as much as the first well kind of I have some problems I’ll get into later (Julian…the terrible final ending…ya know stuff)

Lena grows so much in the second book into a kick ass heroine, everyone disliked her in the first but I think her reactions were normal. You would be scared too of rotting in a hole the rest of your life. The girl risks her life for others multiple times through out each of the books and kicks some scavenger and regulator ass. She even saves Coral for god sake which at the moment I might not of if I had been her, I know I’m a terrible person.

I love finally getting to see the woods and learn how they live all these years. Mad props by the way I could not live in the wilds even for love=p The back and forth was nice but sometimes I wanted to skip ahead to see what was happening but I’m a terrible peeker in books xD

Now can I just say I don’t hate Julian, but I do. The kid is not Alex ok! I saw the damn love triangle coming, but how I wished she would just realize how awkward he was.  I mean aside from never being alex the kid does turn out pretty good and I do hope he finds someone that isn’t Lena, oooo wait we don’t get to really know who she picks >.>


Alex honestly annoyed a bit with his trying to give her up to make her happy instead of fighting for her though. After all the torture you went through and you wont put up a fight for the girl until the end come on man -_-

Also a huge shout out to Hana for her comeback in the third book. It was nice seeing how cured people thought well I mean kind of. I also love that she still helped Lena escape and murdered her husband who really had it coming.

My biggest problem with this book though is the ending of the third book like seriously?! You don’t get to know if the rebellion even wins, if she chooses Alex which she better fucking pick him! You really don’t get much of anything for answers which kinda killed the love for me for a bit not gonna lie, I was very unhappy at the closed the book. I want answers is all 😦


Delirium- Lauren Oliver

I’d like to start off by saying I started this book yesterday around 3pm and had it finished at 11pm. I did lots of adulting that day as you can tell, but what a great way to spend a friday night off. Clearly I loved this book since I could barley but it down.


Its my first dystopian series since hunger games so maybe it helps that I haven’t discovered others. The idea of love being diseased and cured through a surgery is a very new idea. Her little pieces above each chapter added such perfection to the story. The fact that many history problems were because of love which is silly in reality actually made me go well its possible xD

Her writing was awesome, she painted the scenes perfectly I didn’t even had to just kind of guess what was going on.

“The water is an enormous mirror, tipped with and pink and gold from the sky. In that single, blazing moment as I came around the bend, the sun – curved over the dip of the horizon like a solid gold archway – lets out its final winking rays of light, shattering the darkness of the water, turning everything white for a fraction of a second, and then falls away, sinking, dragging the pink and the red and the purple out of the sky with it, all the colour bleeding away instantly and leaving only dark.

Alex was right. It was gorgeous – one of the best I’ve ever seen.”


^one of my favorite parts it was so pretty in my head.

I know some people had problems with Lena being portrayed as “weak”. I really enjoyed Lena and felt she was real. It’s totally normal to be scared against things that are illegal but you suck it up for friends. <*spoiler*>I hope she grows as the books go on and that she maybe even rescues Alex, Hana and Gracie the only others I liked. <*/spoiler*>

Alex is the perfect guy pretty much so far and his ties to the wilds are obviously going to come back up. Hana is actually probably my favorite so far I almost wish I had seen more of her, but I’m guessing she’ll come back in book two from my brief skim this morning.

So overall what an excellent book that had an original story to me anyways. I can’t wait to pick up book two. I’m only waiting because I know I won’t be able to put it down once I start if it’s anything like the first one.

Can I just say though the ending killed me, I knew something major was going to happen, but why why did they have to separate. I knew he would do something amazing for her though, that’s love:p