IMG_20170325_115517_451.jpgToday i’m reviewing Rush by Maya Banks.

This happens to be a trilogy, but where each book focuses one of the three best guys friends. (Which kind of bums me out i’d love some more Gabe/Mia action).

Now my brief star rating: I’d like to give it like a 4/5 just because it wasn’t dying to see what happened next sadly until like 75% of the way through it.

The story focuses on Mia who was raised by her older very protective brother Jace. Mia happens to secretly admire one of his best friends Gabe. (Dun, dun, dun) The forbidden romance plot.

I actually was quite excited for this story as I’ve heard good things about Maya Banks. I did enjoy the story too, but I have some problems.

Gabe is a total alpha male, which I normally love reading, but he’s a really a total ass. The dude makes her sign a contract right away where he owns her which made me hesitant. I was able to get passed the contract with the mini backstory, but he constantly went all harsh on her, not explaining things to her (she never said no so it wasn’t forced but idk repetitive i guess).

than the dude instead of growing a backbone towards his ex wife he lets mia get hurt by another man. I pretty lost some respect for this man at this point.

He does redeem himself though in the end and I found myself wanting more of the good Gabe and Mia. It sadly ended so fast after he finally stopped being stupid.

In the end, it was a book I enjoyed and I’m quite interested in a Jace/Ash attack so I will buying the next book to read.



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