Fushigi Yuugi Review

Today I’m reviewing Fushigi Yugi by Yuu Watase, an 18 volume manga series.


My short simple review:

This story involves Miaka and Yui, two best friends who get sucked into a book. Pretty much every readers dream, right? Once thrown into the book though, they become enemies and have to gather their own warriors to help return home and fix their lives. Along the way Miaka grows with her warriors and learns love. It’s truly an adventure for all! I loved this story, it was the perfect balance of action, romance, and comedy.


My longer mostly likely containing some spoilers review including all my favorites from my bullet journal!:

This happened to be one of those stories where when I had to do things like adulting (ugh who needs to pay bills and feed kids >.< ) that whenever I let myself start daydreaming the story was there. Replaying my favorite parts, wondering what was going to happen next. Even now after finishing it this morning while driving I was wishing Taka’s and Miakas story wasn’t done. Yuu Watase did a great job creating each character and story. I feel like creating seven different warriors on top of Miaka plus Yui and her warriors would of been a difficult task to have them all such unique traits that all combine perfectly, but she managed it just fine 🙂 Now I’m not a huge fan of reviewing by breaking down all the major plot events because who wants to read it than? I do want to share some of my favorite things though from my bullet journal below.


Favorite Character~ Ugh, it’s so hard to chose xD I have to say that tamahome and hotohori have my heart though. Tamahome is pretty much the perfect guy, but I mean that scene where hotohori fights tamahome almost to the death for his love of Miaka swoon. Nuriko is also quite high on the list though, he was such a beautiful woman=p

Least Favorite Character~ This is a huge toughie just because even the bad guys are needed right, but I disliked Yui the most. (I know that’s probably not what other readers of fushigi yugi say). The girl was just annoying to me the most though for some reason like that weird crying scene right near the end of the series. Though Miakas constant running away after promising not too, did make me want to slap the girl sometimes.

Favorite Quote~ I actually loved a lot of the lines from this manga and I wanted to read them so much it was hard to stop and write down my favorites. They were usually 99% of the time during intense scenes. My favorite though, taka delivers perfectly at the end. “Don’t ever forget that with each step a person is able to take on their own they have become that much stronger.”

Favorite book of the series~ Volume 14, it has the mini finale where we all think everything is going to be perfect and miaka and tamahome are finally able to love in peace. ha! jk we get to keep them for another four books before ending=p


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