Mario Birthday Party

This weekend was my daughters 5th birthday (seriously having to hold in the tears when i think about it!). She loves mario, so much and even though power rangers came in a close second she decided on a mario party. Now mario isn’t exactly the popular birthday theme currently so I had to do some research. This means I went onto pinterest (seriously my favorite place ever!)

Pinterest had lots of neat ideas for inspiration not that I doubted it =p. I decided though since it was a party of littles that the attention span probably would be best limited to a few easy games. The first being Pin the Star for mario, which I actually ordered off amazon. My only problem with it only had 8 stars, but I had some yellow board paper from her pinata so i just cut one out and traced it. They almost all hit the center so either I had a bunch of cheaters or we didn’t spin them enough xD


My next inspiration was her pinata. Pinterest had a few links where you could purchase these from overseas I believe it was? Well being the last minute shopper that I am, I didn’t have time nor did I want to pay the price for kids to beat it up within a minute. So I saw a pin where someone had made one themselves and went with the idea. Her link below with the instructions I think my only real tweak was I used yellow board paper from the dollar tree as it was cheaper and just taped the construction paper onto the box in like 4 or 5 layers.


Now my third one (Stomp the Goombas) I saw a few pins but never actually saw one with instructions. It was always a link to purchase them but were out of stock (seriously guys it was a easy one don’t do it). I just looked at a picture and winged it. You’ll need paper plates, balloons, and either can print off the goombas faces like I did or draw them on if you have art skills which I do not. All I did was cut the paper plate in half taped them back together at an angle creating “feet”, blew up the balloon but definitely don’t be afraid to make them big! Mine were so hard to pop seriously most of the kids could lay on them without popping xD than I taped/glued on the faces.


Now below are some of the decorations which is all easily found on pinterest or amazon for your viewing pleasures. I don’t think they need descriptions. My husband did do a great job on the ghosts in our hallway but I didn’t get a good picture because I suck. Also completely missed pictures of hanging decorations also on amazon pretty standard stuff:p



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