Caraval Review!


This book right here…OMG seriously phenomenal, my new current favorite! This adventure you will take on this book from the start grips you so hard. There is not a moment I was bored in this book, at all! Scarlett is the strong loving older sister that everyone raves for, Tella the whimsical younger troublemaker , and Julian the strong sailor who strangely knows more than an typical sailor. Together Legend crafts the perfect show for these three after all he’s the greatest magician alive.


Beware! Spoilers!


It was a nonstop magical adventure. The moment scarlett arrives on the isle for the caraval I wanted to be right beside her. Scarlett has to win the game to save her sister, but it doesn’t feel like a competition between the other players. Actually, besides Dante you don’t really even notice the other besides briefly at the beginning. It was more of a tale of Scarlett learning to take risks and break away from her old mind warped by her fathers control.

Julian…o Julian her partner for the game and I’d say savior but I think Scarlett saved him more=p I jumped for joy when they finally stop ignoring their feelings for each other. I’m a romantic so I was just like come on already! Julian wasn’t even supposed to stay with Scarlett which shows even if he does some shady stuff, I wondered for a minute if I was going to have to hate him that he cared for her.

The twist at the end too, was not what I was expecting. I had a few theories, but was pleasantly surprised to know Tella had it all planned for the most part. She put her own life on the line to escape her father. Can i say though how disappointed I was that that dreadful man didn’t die. Seriously I was about to freak out if Tella hadn’t survived but he did.


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