Today i’m reviewing Rush by Maya Banks. This happens to be a trilogy, but where each book focuses one of the three best guys friends. (Which kind of bums me out i’d love some more Gabe/Mia action). Now my brief star rating: I’d like to give it like a 4/5 just because it wasn’t dying […]

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Fushigi Yuugi Review

Today I’m reviewing Fushigi Yugi by Yuu Watase, an 18 volume manga series. My short simple review: This story involves Miaka and Yui, two best friends who get sucked into a book. Pretty much every readers dream, right? Once thrown into the book though, they become enemies and have to gather their own warriors to […]

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Mario Birthday Party

This weekend was my daughters 5th birthday (seriously having to hold in the tears when i think about it!). She loves mario, so much and even though power rangers came in a close second she decided on a mario party. Now mario isn’t exactly the popular birthday theme currently so I had to do some […]

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Wishful Drinking

This book was such a quick read! It also happened to be my first ever celebrity read, I’ve always just kinda avoided them in the past for some reason. I loved Carrie Fisher though and picked this one up and let me tell you all her other books are going in my thrift books shopping […]

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Caraval Review!

This book right here…OMG seriously phenomenal, my new current favorite! This adventure you will take on this book from the start grips you so hard. There is not a moment I was bored in this book, at all! Scarlett is the strong loving older sister that everyone raves for, Tella the whimsical younger troublemaker , […]

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