Seven Years to Sin

This book doesn’t really fall under my reading challenge, but I happened to be reading it when I decided to start the challenge. This novel is by Sylvia Day who is known for the crossfire series. I actually read those books first and while looking for a new book stumbled upon this one of hers.


My first concern was it’s setting. Its under an historical setting which isn’t bad by it took me a bit to get used to it. Eventually I hardly noticed that it was different as I was wrapped into the story.

*I’m giving a warning that I may let spoilers spill…*

The story mostly revolves around Jessica and Alistair. Jessica had recently became a widow to a very well off man. To help herself become something more than a widow she sets off to a plantation that her husband had left her. To her surprise, the captain is Alistair the man she had seen seven years prior having sexual relationships with another woman.

โ€œYou and I have always been inevitable. And I am not a man to take pieces of a whole. I must have everything. The good as well as the bad.โ€ -Alistair Caulfield

Sylvia takes you on a surprising journey of not only making a hot romance between these two, but creating a deep story. You find out the dark past of Alistair and almost pity him for a moment before he shows such a strong growth you can’t help but want to high five his accomplishments.

You also receive a mini story about Jessica’s sister (Hester) and her abusive marriage. Hester finds herself carrying her husbands child after many attempts to keep conception from happening. While trying to figure out how to proceed in life, she becomes closer to a former crush who is deeply in love with her. I found their story line at the beginning a little distracting honestly. I wanted so much to hurry along to get back to Jessica and Alistair, but as they intertwined more I found myself unhappy with the quick ending.

I enjoyed the book, but I felt the ending happened soooo quickly. Other events had been so thoroughly explored, but than the ending within twenty pages had so much happen. It felt so rushed to me. I wish she had extended the end some to give us better closure of the characters. That being said, this book inspired her for others so maybe she felt the same way afterwards and tried making up for it ๐Ÿ˜‰ In the end, its a book worth reading if you want some romance with a great story line. Below is a link to her page ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep on reading my friends!


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