This right here is my very first blog ever. I’m an inspiring writer who is hoping to strengthen my writing. I will happily admit…kinda…that grammar is not my friend. xD I know probably not the profession I should be hoping to achieve right. Well practice makes perfect, as they say. Anyways…I thought doing a blog to share not only my own writing, but my thoughts on others as a fun, motivating way for me to better myself. I’m hoping to share my journey on my 2017 reading challenge. This is all new to me as well I always reach for the same genre of books >.> hopefully this will help broaden my views and styles to books.

So a little about myself…

I’m 24 years old. Mom of two little girls (Kairi and Mia) who are the most craziest, perfect creations I’ve ever made. Happily married to a fellow video game nerd. I’m almost finished with nursing school, see I’m not putting everything on the line for this=p My favorite fandoms are sailor moon, fushigi yugi (best mangas ever!), and avengers.

thanks for your time




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