Escort Me Snippet

I’m currently writing a romance book at the moment to be called Escort Me. Its a story about Sasha Young who covered her sister as an escort for a night and met Damien Scott. What she thought would be one boring easy night turned into her journey of helping Damien learn what’s important in life. […]

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Seven Years to Sin

This book doesn’t really fall under my reading challenge, but I happened to be reading it when I decided to start the challenge. This novel is by Sylvia Day who is known for the crossfire series. I actually read those books first and while looking for a new book stumbled upon this one of hers. […]

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My challenge

So as I touched base on in my first post I’m doing a reading challenge. I figured I would share with everyone below my actual printout from the lovely pinterest. Seriously best site ever! I have started on a notebook some suggestions for this challenge, but many of these categories are books i’m going to […]

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This right here is my very first blog ever. I’m an inspiring writer who is hoping to strengthen my writing. I will happily admit…kinda…that grammar is not my friend. xD I know probably not the profession I should be hoping to achieve right. Well practice makes perfect, as they say. Anyways…I thought doing a blog […]

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